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The port of Taranto reverses its route!

April 4th, 2014 | | Tags:

After months of decline, the Port of Taranto starts 2014 with a positive sign, reversing a trend that, without drastic changes, threatened to become too heavy and unsustainable due to the global economic crisis.

The figures for the month of January 2014 – the most recent available today – are clear: +44.1% in the number of ships arrived, +10.7% for the container traffic, +38.6% regarding overall traffic of boardings and landings. The forecasts remain even promising for the future.

But the good news does not end here, as it shall deliver administrative procedures and work toward the realization of a logistics platform and related infrastructure works, a mammoth work approved by the CIPE and with a total value of 220 million euro.
There are five major projects already in operation or ready to be contracted.

First, the platform of 200,000 square meters, for which they have already been made the prefabricated sheds, they also began works in the sea and they are about to begin work on the construction of the road network, which has the goal of becoming the center of interchange between different modes of transport (land – sea – railway) and cargo services.

The second work, already contracted, is related to the construction of a road connecting the docks directly connected to the national road network.

There are also significant works to the sea, such as enlargement of the fourth projected area, with the creation of new aprons and a operational platform, the construction of a new dock and the tank for sludge dredging.

Another project of vital importance concerns the adjustment of the terminal container and the pier of the multipurpose quay.

The realization of the works of extension and adaptation, assigned to a public-private consortium, aims to significantly enhance the Port of Taranto, making it the most important industrial port and transit containers of the entire area of the Mediterranean Sea.

The political and business connection that is developing in the area of the Ionian province, and that is covering the nearby Airport “Arlotta” of Grottaglie, aims to make the entire area a primary hub of trade between the countries of North Africa and the Middle East and Europe, bringing the Puglia region to become a natural landing port for international businesses.