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Apulia confirmed to be an attractive and efficient region

April 16th, 2015 | | Tags:

Capone: “Puglia confirmed to be an attractive and efficient region. Foreign groups have already invested more than 427 million euro“.

“I would like to express the greatest satisfaction because of the new investment operated by Getrag, a German company, in Apulia, renewing confidence in our own territory and by deciding to invest in the plant placed in Modugno (Bari) more than 100 million euro.

This is what Loredana Capone (Regional Minister for Economic Development) said commenting the news just received by Bob Taylor, managing director of Getrag in Modugno (Bari).

This – she added – is the concrete result of the ability of Apulia to attract large investments in its territory. Therefore we respond to the pessimistic economists with the evidence. Our region is attractive not only for its enchanting land but also for the ability to do research and innovation and for the efficiency and competence of the men and women who work in its territory. It is this last aspect to have convinced the managers of Getrag to invest in Modugno. The know-how of the employees of the apulian seat has played a key role in the identification of the site of Modugno as producer of the new transmission system, which required a lot of research”.

“So Getrag -  the commissioner said – renews confidence in our area and the regional administration. I would remind, in fact, that the German group has already invested in Apulia additional 75 million euro thanks to two regional contracts of program, a tool that, in addition to the reasons of attractivness of Apulia, has already generated in our area more than 427 million of investment by foreign groups”.

Getrag will realize in Modugno as well as in Germany and in China a new dual-clutch transmission with high technology 7DCT300, a particularly smart and intelligent  system, whose use enables an energy consumption of about 20W – less than that of a light bulb – and with a superior efficiency of 10-20% than a comparable automatic transmission.

For this reason the plant will be expanded by 8000 square meters and they will build new production facilities. The expansion work will begin during this year.