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Even «Gruppo 24 Ore» chooses Apulia Invest

Февраль 13th, 2015 | | Tags:

Apulia Invest opens 2015 formalizing an important and prestigious partnership with BACKtoWORK24, allowing you to expand the range of opportunities that our company has in place for growth and business development of the Apulia region.

BACKtoWORK24 is a new company within Gruppo 24 Ore, whose mission is to assist and support small businesses in finding qualified skills, which are useful to deal with the current market, and to access thefinancial resources needed for project development. These are identified in the availability of:

  • Private investors who make financial resources
  • Managers, executives and professionals willing to invest their capital and experience to become shareholders and partners of the companies.

The objectives of BACKtoWORK24 are:

  •  Attract investments and private savings into small businesses
  • Transform managers into entrepreneurs, who are therefore co-interested and co-responsible, as partners and shareholders, in the company’s performance when embarking a new career
  • Provide small businesses with the opportunity to acquire managerial skills necessary for their development, opening its share capital to managers/investors, who also bring financial resources that are now more difficult to get through the traditional credit system.

Our services allow your company to appear in an optimal manner to potentially interested managers/investors. Some services will be useful to expose fully and as clearly possible your business idea to investors, as lenders , suppliers, institutional entities. The aim of our services is therefore oriented to obtain investments from interested managers and investors and loans from lenders. The services are provided with the support of the Gruppo 24 Ore that allows us the access to the data and provides us with the research and expertise of its professionals.

Gruppo 24 Ore has chosen to link their name to Apulia Invest, focusing on the established presence of our company in Apulia. Gruppo 24 Ore appreciates our deep knowledge of the business realities operating in this region: they have essentially recognized the high professionalism of our consultants and the quality of the services offered to our customers.