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Apulia is the most beautiful in the world

Апрель 4th, 2014 | | Tags:

National Geographic has recently compiled a list of the «Best Trips» for 2014 and Apulia was ranked among the top destinations around the world.

With some of the beautiful beaches of the peninsula National Geographic’s recognition was not enough. In fact, Lonely Planet, the best-selling travel guide in the world, has published a special piece, «The Best Value Travel Destinations in the World for 2014″ and Apulia placed second in the top ten.

This recognition is an incredible success, completely unexpected but well deserved. In addition, the New York Post celebrated Apulia with an article entitled, «Italy’s Magical Apulia Region,» a real tribute to the Mediterranean region.

Apulia’s land allows you to experience life to its fullest, not only for its breathtaking sea, quiet villages, rural and modern life, historical castles and cathedrals, but especially for its authenticity and its good food and wine.

In the world of tourism, to be nominated by Top Trips, National Geographic and voted as one of the best tourist destinations by Lonely Planet is a great victory for any southern region in Italy.