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Even Apulia participate in the Transport Logistic in Monaco of Bavaria

May 4th, 2015 | | Tags:

There is also a lot of Apulia in Monaco of Bavaria next 6 and 7 of May.

The Apulia Region and the Chamber of Commerce of Bari will indeed be featured at Transport Logistic, the world’s leading event in the logistics market, mobility and supply chain management.

The fair will be an opportunity to present new services (LCL MED and Bari Easy Port) made by the Chamber of Commerce of Bari as part of the strategic project GIFT 2.0, funded by the Community program cross-border cooperation Greece-Italy 2007-13, that sees the Apulia Region (Department of Transport and Mobility) as lead partner and the Chamber of Bari involved in the launch of pilot cases for freight traffic.

The Interport of the Apulia region will ensure, instead, the operation of both services, through its business unit IRP Intermodal & Logistics Services, in association with Istop Spamat enterprise, a company specializing in customs and portual services.

The LCL MED service will use the Interport as a consolidation platform of goods for export. The goods, once consolidated on, will be sent to their destination at the major worldwide redistributive platforms (Dubai, Hong Kong, New York, Singapore, Buenos Aires), using mainly the port of Bari for the boarding of the containers.

This will allow to offer more competitive rates to companies from Apulia and more generally in the Southern Italy, especially those in the food sector, which currently are required for the shipment of small quantities of goods, which are often not able to saturate a single container, using consolidation platforms located in northern Italy and to ship the goods, finally, from the ports of Genoa, la Spezia or Rotterdam.

In order to promote export to the countries of the Islamic religion, more and more interested in the products of Italian excellence, the consolidation warehouse at the Interporto of the Apulia region is also HALAL certificated, allowing companies with the same certification for the production process to ensure to the end customer the compliance with this standard even for the supply chain.

“BARI EASY PORT” service (long quayside) instead provides the realization within the interportual structure of an area of temporary custody, also equipped for the storage of containers of IMO/ADR goods (paints, detergents, chemicals, etc), which is connected with the Port of Bari by a dedicated shuttle service.

BARI EASY PORT” service will transfer the just unloaded containers (including those containing IMO/ADR goods) at the port of Bari toward the Interport. In this regard they will  use regulated vehicles for customs and monitored by GPS.

Thanks to the  Interport Operating Section of the Customs Agency there will be more   efficiency in customs clearance of goods before their transfer to the final destination.