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Apulia Invest makes network with the Order of Architects

May 26th, 2015 | | Tags:

Apulia Invest has expanded its partnership network by entering into an agreement protocol with the Council of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservationists of the Province of Taranto.

The Order of Architects of Taranto, in fact, held that the aim of promoting the activities of their members and the purpose of providing them with the tools to improve their professional activity, can usefully be achieved through collaboration with Apulia Invest .

Apulia Invest, in fact, aims to promote the Region of Apulia in Italy and worldwide.  Basically Apulia Invest aims to present investment opportunities, project and development ideas to potential private and institutional investors. All of this in order to  help  a geographical area carachterized by undiscovered resources or, at least, little known outside national borders. So the main objective is to stimulate the economically, socially and entrepreneurially improvement of the Apulian region.

The willingness to cooperate (each for its own purposes) is materializing in the decision to build jointly the project “Reproject Apulia“.

In practice, by using “Reproject Apulia“, Apulia Invest will promote the design ideas or already completed projects and replicable projects made by members of the Order, presenting them to potential investors, using, for that purpose, its means and its contacts.

It should be noted that this partnership between Apulia Invest and the Order of Architects of Taranto, is an addition to many partnerships already signed with prestigious companies and organizations such as, for example, BackToWork24 (a “Gruppo 24 Ore” Company) and Tecnopolis PST (Science and Technology Park of the University of Bari).

Ultimately, Apulia Invest, with an increasingly complete and heterogeneous  partnership network, is able to offer more and more services of high quality and indisputable professionalism. With the wind in their sails towards the future.