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In Apulia you live happy!

四月 4th, 2014 | | Tags:

To uproot your life and move to Italy has become a dream for many people today.

In Apulia you can find many opportunities to enjoy life with first class cultural and artistic heritage, and the variety of flavors of a cuisine that has the largest number of (with bad results) imitations, a crystal clear sea and breathtaking landscapes. Or the mere fact that you can satisfy the desire to enjoy a good glass of wine watching the sun set, makes the Bel Paese still a favorite destination for those who decide to embrace the now widespread philosophy of “I drop everything and change my life! “.

But how do you choose the best place to start over or just to spend some time and settle down?

What is more fascinating? The cliché charm of the Tuscan hills or historical “Eternal City” of Rome? The green countryside with charming villages of Umbria or other very well known cities of Italy, Venice, Naples and Florence? Or Sardinia and Sicily, if you prefer the sea and mild weather conditions.

There are too many appealing prospects in Italy that really make lose your mind …

Because of the “Second World Day of Happiness”, organized by the United Nations on March 20, fascinating and interesting research was conducted that can help you narrow down the selection. The survey represents the mood that Italians express on social networks.

Sentimer, the blog of “Il Corriere della Sera”, has analyzed more than 40 million daily tweets collected in 2013 in 110 Italian provinces.

The results are amazing; Apulia led in the rankings for the most “Happy” regions in Italy.

Maybe it is because of the ability to walk in the countryside or to enjoy summers under the sun at the seaside. Or else perhaps for the colors of nature or to be surround by happy locals. In sum, it seems that Apulia is really the best place to live for a happy life!