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Residential Real Estate

Apulia Invest helps Customers to research residential real estate property that best suits their individual needs.

Thanks to a deep knowledge in the area in which they operate, Apulia Invest is able to give advice to small and large investors. Apulia Invest extends a variety of opportunity in real estate investment for residential use taking in consideration both the real market value and the future market swings. It also provides an independent analysis about the various costs associated to the commercial operation.

After locating the possible investment opportunities, Apulia Invest provides assistance and consultancy in every phase of the real estate transaction:

    • Apulia Invest evaluates the real and intrinsic value of the property as it relates to the opportunity to extend and modify it;
    • Apulia Invest looks after the negotiation, analyzes and verifies the lack of impedimental reasons to the successful conclusion of the business deal (for example, existence of prejudicial inscriptions or transcriptions, or judgments related to the immovable property, etc.), removing, thus, every potential risk related to the investment, or, if necessary, Apulia Invest strives to eliminate those set of problems;
    • In case of immovable properties for sale in range of enforcement or bankruptcy proceedings, Apulia Invest deals with the judicial offices, acquiring the information and documents needed to express proposals;
    • Apulia Invest prepares and looks after the preliminary agreements, with a specific attention to the fiscal issues tied to the investment;
    • Apulia Invest searches for funding possibilities, even with easy credit terms, connected to the transaction;
    • Apulia Invest takes care of the Customer in signing the Act of buying or taking part in judicial auctions, or participates on its behalf by virtue of a special power of Attorney;
    • Through their own qualified partners, Apulia Invest supplies assistance and expert advices for the purchased property renovation and adjustment – taking care of all the needed administrative authorizations – as well as the contingent recognition of suppliers and services providers, if necessary;
    • Apulia Invest offers management services of property assets.

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